N-Dexers CCG Tabbed Dividers

Easy and accessible organization of your M:tG and other CCG collections. Unique design allows for use in all storage boxes. Custom tab labelsto organize your cards any way you want.


Customize Your Organization

  • You decide how you organize your card collection
  • Label by name, color, set, or whatever works best!
  • Extra labels to adjust as your collection grows
  • Organize all your cards in any storage container
"The best way to organize your CCG cards and keep them easily accessible in storage boxes. Each N-Dexer CCG Tabbed Divider is made of scratch resistant, flexible plastic approximately .25 mm thick. Dimensions allow for use in all industry standard storage boxes, deck boxes, and the Dragon's Egg."
James DiPadua – Founder, Power 9 Pro

An Orangization Solution for All Players

  • Transparent material allows you to see your cards
  • Lightweight, flexible, durable
  • Smooth and perfectly sized to protect your cards
N-Dexers Small Pack 12 ct $2.95 SOLD OUT

N-Dexers Dimensions

  • Sized for Standard Boxes
  • Staggered tabs aligned on both sides of the N-Dexers
  • Organize your cards either horizontally or vertically
  • Main dimensions: 3.5" x 2.5" x .25mm — Just slightly larger than a card.
  • Tab dimensions: 1/8" x 15/16"

Package Sizes for Any Collection

  • Small Packs come with 12 dividers and 36 labels
  • Big Packs come with 60 dividers and 180 labels
  • Box of Big Packs come with 480 dividers and 1440 labels
N-Dexers Small Pack 12 ct $2.95 SOLD OUT
When I saw the N-Dexers it was almost as if you were reading my mind. I am currently engaged in the massive undertaking of reorganizing the entire collection, transitioning completely from the binders over to 800 ct card boxes.

You have a well-designed product; they're versatile (cards can go horizontally or vertically, the N-Dexers work either way); they're standardized (fit within the industry standard box) and yet do exactly what they’re supposed to do: segregate between groups of cards and, via file folder technique, make it easy to identify what is within each group. They’re customizable, and best of all they're not cost-prohibitive.
Bill Acuff, Columbia, TN
Just got my N-dexers last night and honestly i had no clue they were going to be that high quality. Great job!
xTonyx Wallace, Portland
N-Dexers Small Pack 12 ct $2.95 SOLD OUT