Dragon's Egg MTG Bag

The Dragon's Egg is a compact and highly durable carrying case for your Magic cards and decks. The best bag for keeping your cards safe at tournaments and FNM.

Built for Players

  • Inner shell holds 4 MTG decks and keeps them securely in place.
  • Made from almost indestructible plastic, not foam!
  • Loaded with pockets to store scorecard, dice, land and extra packs.

High Quality Deck Protection

  1. Durable inner shell to protect your cards and decks
  2. Perfectly sized for your Magic the Gathering cards
  3. The most compact and durable carrying case available
  4. Dragon's Egg with SideKit includes attachment for playmats and handy dice bag

Product Discontinued.

Dragon's Egg

Dragon's Egg Bag Design

  • Sturdy, water resistant, and padded
  • Tough fabric to protect against water, snow, rain
  • Deck compartment securely enclosed and protected
  • Top compartment for phone, ipod, counters, dice, pen and paper
  • Comfortable adjustable/removable strap

Removable Inner Shell

  • Removable inner shell holds up to 4 decks
  • Keeps cards and decks securely in place
  • Made from almost indestructible recycled plastic, not foam!
  • Keeps your cards accessible for "table-top" play

Dragon's Egg Dimensions

  • Bag dimensions: 7.1" x 7.5" x 5.2"
  • Removable inner shell dimensions: 6.5" x 3.9" x 4.6"
  • Bag and shell weight: 1.7 pounds.

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I've tried a ridiculous amount of different deck boxes and ways of carrying my MtG supplies. Nothing else comes close to your Dragon's Egg in terms of practicality, space efficiency, and build quality.
Matt, St Paul, MN
I’m very pleased with the quality and design, so kudos on delivering a fabulous product. It was just what I needed to keep my cards safe and organized.
Adena, WY
The Dragon's Egg feels solid, it's got a nice weight to it. I opened up the bag to find out why it felt so nice and discovered that the actual deck holding piece inside the bag is made of solid plastic. Not foam, not cardboard and not hollow.
Doug Sutcliffe, Draftbetter.com
I love the Dragon's Egg...this thing is solid...I could stand on it.
Patrick Jarrett, Mananation.com
Got my Dragon's Egg from Power 9 Pro, It's awesome..it's smaller than I expected which is great..I'm glad it's not too bulky..lots of room.
G. Rosario, Indiana